The best way to get to know Loriga is by bicycle.


The green trails and landscapes are characteristic of Loriga considered by many as “Portuguese Switzerland”.


Venture into this combination of nature, history and diversity.


* In this adventure you can find several route options, some more relaxing and others more challenging.

Registo de Agente de Animação Turística Nº156/2021



In Serra da Estrela there are places to visit and fall in love with. Serra da Estrela keeps in its entrails magnificent treasures, but to feel the flavour you will have to dive into its depths.


The mountain pathways are a network of short walking routes that represent one of the most enriching ways of getting to know the region.


We offer a list the region and breath-taking landscapes to visit for all ages and with different degrees of difficulty.

Registo de Agente de Animação Turística Nº156/2021





Travel through Serra da Estrela / Açor and have access to fabulous landscapes.


We have adjustable Jeep tours with the best that nature has to offer. You will have access to a guided tour in an off-road vehicle to places of great natural, human and cultural interest in the Serra da Estrela: Torre, Penhas Douradas Vale do Rossim , Covão da Ponte, Vale do Rio Mondego, Folgosinho, Piodão , Chãs de Égua, Colcurrinho ...


The places to visit on each tour will be adapted according to your preference.

Registo de Agente de Animação Turística Nº156/2021




An activity that involves walking down the Loriga river, using water jumps, toboggan, rappelling and crossing the water. This river runs through a deep and steep valley, whose bed, banks and slopes are formed by impressive fragments that make this place almost inaccessible. All progression is made by the course of the river (outside or inside the water), with about a dozen optional jumps of various heights.


All the equipment needed for the practice of the sport is included.


At the end it is necessary to take a walk of about 15 minutes to reach the village.

Registo de Agente de Animação Turística Nº156/2021




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