EntreSocalcos emerges in one of the most beautiful villas in Serra da Estrela, Loriga, known as " Portuguese Switzerland". It is located at 770m of altitude and surrounded by mountains, Penha dos Abutres (1828m of altitude) and Penha do Gato (1771m of altitude) and is embraced by two courses of water, Ribeira da Nave and Ribeira de S. Bento. This is the best combination to create unique landscapes with breath-taking views.

Our project is trying to boost the region by giving the traveller the opportunity to know, feel and fall in love with Serra da Estrela.

We have some activities in nature that give the opportunity of enjoying the mountain and at the end of your day a refuge to restore your energy.


EntreSocalcos has the best combination of elements for your trip in the mountain: "Accommodation - Adventure - Nature"



Margarida EntreSocalcos



She defends and knows Loriga like few others.

She is always full of ideas and good energy,

she loves learning about new things.

Margarida EntreSocalcos



He knows Serra da Estrela like nobody else.

He will let you know about the best trails and tours

ensuring that all adventures become unforgettable.



Located in the Centre of the Villa, in a place traditionally known as "A Praça" appears our Hostel. In times it used to be a primary school and home for teachers (1930s, 1940s and 1950s). It had two large classrooms, one of them is our dormitory nowadays.

Our property is part of the memories of a large number of people, not only because it was a primary school, but because it is inserted in a place full of history.
Children and adults used to sit on our stone stairs.
There, they exchanged experiences, conversations and news...

One of the concerns when we were rehabilitating our property was trying to keep all its features and originality. It transported us to another time, where the wooden ceilings, the window shutters, the high baseboards and the walls with stucco paint made the building extraordinary for the time.


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